Manual Repair Change the Brakes on a Toyota Avalon


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1 Park the Toyota Avalon on a stage surface and apply the parking brake.
2 Loosen every of the lug nuts from the entrance wheels with a tire tool.
3 Jack the entrance of the Toyota Avalon up and slide the jack stands under the correct entrance jacking points. Decrease the jack in order that the Avalon cones to a protected and safe stop on top of the stands.
4 Remove all the lug nuts from the front wheels. Pull the entrance wheels off and place them flat down close to both sides of the car.
5 Locate the 2 higher and decrease 13mm slide bolts on the back of the entrance driver aspect brake caliper. Loosen and remove the 2 slide bolts with a ratchet and a thirteen-mm socket.
6 Slide the brake caliper off of the caliper bracket and cling it to one of the steering elements behind the wheel hub meeting with a small piece of rope. By no means allow the caliper to hold by the brake line.
7 Pry the interior brake pad out of the caliper with a flat head screwdriver. Position the c-clamp across the outer brake pad and the back side of the brake caliper. Compress the outer brake pad until the caliper piston is completely inside of the caliper. Remove the c-clamp and the outer brake pad from the caliper.
8 Insert the brand new brake pads into the metal retaining clips of the brake caliper. Inspect the brake rotor for wear. If the wear and tear is excessive, replace the rotor with a new rotor. If the wear is minimal, have the rotor turned by a machine store or auto restore shop.
9 Remove the rope from the caliper. Decrease the caliper back over the rotor onto the caliper bracket. Screw the 2 slide bolts back by way of the back of the caliper. Tighten the bolts with the ratchet and the thirteen-mm socket.
10 Slide the wheel again on and screw the lug nuts again onto the studs. Tighten the lug nuts until the wheel begins to turn. Move to the other 4 wheels and comply with the same steps as outlined above for changing the brake pads. Once the pads have been changed, ensure that all the wheels are secured to every wheel hub with the lug nuts. Jack the Toyota Avalon again up and remove the stands. Decrease the automotive to the ground and remove the jack.
11 Crank the engine and push the brake pedal out and in 5 or 6 instances to seat the brand new brake pads to the right distance from the edges of the brake rotors. Turn the engine off.

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