Manual Repair 1992 Cadillac Deville 4.9L Windshield Wiper Blade and Arm REMOVAL


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Download REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Catera Open the hood. 1. Take away the windshield wiper arm stud cap that conceals the nut. 2. Remove the windshield wiper arm nut. 3. Grasp the windshield wiper arm with each hands. 4. Use a rocking movement to loosen the windshield wiper arm from the pivots. 5. Take away the windshield wiper arm and blade. 6. To install: Set up is the reversal of the removing procedure. 7. Deville and Fleetwood WIPER ARM Elevate the hood as needed for access to the wiper arms. 1. Function the wipers and switch the ignition OFF when the wipers are at the mid-wipe position. 2. Carry the wiper arm from the windshield. 3. On 1990 vehicles, pull the retaining latch and take away the arm from the transmission shaft. 4. On 1991-93 autos, disengage the retaining latch using an acceptable instrument and remove the arm from the transmission shaft. 5. To put in: Set up the wiper arm onto the transmission shaft. 6. Push the retaining latch in and return the arm assembly to the windshield. 7. Park the wipers. If adjustment is necessary, proceed as follows: Take away the proper wiper arm. a. Open the small door to entry the wiper linkage; check with the illustration for details.

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